Sangria and Superclubs

The ultimate guilty travel pleasure and why I can’t get enough of Ibiza.

“Ibiza is always a good idea” – Unknown

The Balearic Island of Ibiza, Spain

There are really no words to capture how I feel about this destination. But I will try to explain it.

Ibiza was the first destination I chose for myself at age 17. I went with a group of friends for the nightlife and 4 of us loved it so much we returned the following year too. It was that year that I remember being in awe of Spanish go-go dancers from Eden nightclub who I saw enjoy breakfast in the small hours of the morning. In their flamboyant costumes with feathers and glitter, 18-year-old Karen was thinking ‘one day, I want that to be me.’ And that dream stuck. Continue reading “Sangria and Superclubs”


Fears and Fun

A travel-with-teens special that focuses on getting the big kids outside and overcoming challenges together in Bournemouth, England.

“How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives” – Judy Blume


Bournemouth, England

Finding things to do with teenagers can be challenging. When children reach that age where they are more withdrawn, experience mood swings and find the thought of hanging out with you suddenly extremely uncool, how do you still enjoy holidays? In my opinion, it’s the most difficult stage, the transition between childhood and adulthood and many relationships are tested. It’s vital to still create time together, even if that means fighting off resistance and struggling to think of activities that you can enjoy with teens. Teenagers are still children and need guidance and support more at this age than any age before. They need adults they can talk to, laugh with and who remind them to be children. So what type of breaks allow them to be children but present challenges for them as young adults too? Continue reading “Fears and Fun”

Jokes and Giants

Discover Irish fun and folklore in Belfast and the picture-perfect Antrim Coast.

“Your feet will bring you where your heart is” – Irish Proverb

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast has an ongoing and recent history of trouble but such a beautiful part of the UK also has so much to offer. A visit to Northern Ireland’s capital is a great idea for a short 2-3 day break. Don’t let the politics put you off. The Irish are happy-go-lucky souls who welcome you with open arms and are proud to show off their part of the world. Just an hour flight from London, it’s a super easy getaway idea for both city-lovers and natural-beauty-admirers. Continue reading “Jokes and Giants”

Kisses and Castles

We recommend a stay in idyllic Vianden on this romantic short holiday in Luxembourg

“To die is nothing, but it is terrible not to live” – Victor Hugo

Vianden, Luxembourg

The next time you are looking for a quiet few days away in Europe, have you considered Luxembourg? As one of the smallest countries in the EU, Luxembourg is a quiet destination, one that promises plenty of down-time and an escape from the fast pace of normal life. For the perfect romantic break, get out of the city to Vianden, a small town in the North East with narrow streets and a hill-top castle. This idyllic destination is just a 50 minute flight from London and a 45 minute drive from Luxembourg City. Continue reading “Kisses and Castles”

The Best City on Earth

Why I love London and my recommendations for visiting.

“There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere” – Vivienne Westwood

London, England

It’s my capital, so I’m biased, I know. And I haven’t visited every city on Earth. But London for me really is something wonderful. London was the first place I moved to when I left home aged 20, London was where my Nana was born and raised (East London) and London was also my first experience of finding adventure in a non-foreign land after catching the travel bug. It’s a really great place to explore as a local or in the way non-Brits do, and the love affair continues today. No matter how often you visit, there’s always something else to discover. I’m fortunate to live under an hour from this cosmopolitan city of England and it is one of the places in my country I am most proud of. Continue reading “The Best City on Earth”

An Eye-Opening Experience

A Kraków city break itinerary that includes a day trip to Auschwitz.

“Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere” – Elie Wiesel

Kraków, Poland

Not all experiences are happy ones. Sometimes, it’s important we travel in order to appreciate the lives we live and learn about who we are. I have always been keen to visit Auschwitz, a part of history that we are all taught as children, but seldom think about as adults. A city break to Kraków is my chosen destination this month. This beautifully preserved medieval city is well-worth a visit, especially with a vital piece of human history just a couple of hours away. Continue reading “An Eye-Opening Experience”

Alpine Views and Authenticity

Why your new favourite style of holiday should involve snow and how authentic Austria is a great place to start.

Let The Happiness In! Lass Die Freude Rein! – Tourism Slogan

 Zell am See, Austria

Winter in Europe has actually become one of my favourite things. Why? SNOW. I used to be a hot-holiday only type of girl. If the destination wasn’t warmer than the UK, no thank you! Now, I love a winter destination and this has broadened my travel horizons to encompass pretty much every type of destination on the planet. If the old me sounds a little familiar, I urge you to try something different too. A snow holiday is fun-packed and allows you to connect with the outdoors in new and exciting ways. You don’t have to be into extreme sports, you can be the hot-chocolate-and-cosy-fire-type of winter traveller. There’s no denying that those white-blanketed photos are a magical addition to any traveller’s collection. For my first trip of 2017, I travelled to Zell am See in Austria for a 7 night package holiday to get my winter fix. Continue reading “Alpine Views and Authenticity”